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In 2011 Ramy Essam exploded into international fame as the real voice of the Egyptian revolution. His songs spread like wildfire among the demonstrators, and during the height of the uprising Ramy performed in front of millions of people in the Tahrir Square.
The songs became the soundtrack of a whole generation of young Egyptians ́ struggle for a better future. His song ”Irhal”, in which he ́s demanding the resignation of Mubarak, is referred to as the real anthem of the revolution. Time Out Magazine later selected Irhal as the third most world- changing song of all time (with John Lennon ́s ”Imagine” #5 on the list).
But fame came with a heavy price with brutal torture and arrests meant to silence Ramy. Still, he came out even stronger and more determined to speak out against the oppression. ”In the revolution I was born again. The struggle became the purpose of my life.”
Five years later Ramy returns to the international scene, more determined than ever. Now in the shape of the underground rebel rocker with a rollercoaster east-meets-west sounding rock album (produced by Andreas Unge, released on Tom Morello ́s Firebrand Records) to once again fuel the hopes of the young in the Middle East. An album where heavy rock riffs join forces with infectious oriental beats and political street poetry demanding social justice, gender equality and human rights. A collection of older re-recorded revolutionary songs and new ones where the riffs of Kurt Cobain, the street cool of Joe Strummer, the crossover adventure of Rachid Taha and social criticism of Woody Guthrie all come together in a musical journey straight outta Cairo.
With the album Ramy once again proves he is an artist of and for the people, with songs built on the words of the streets. Or as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave etc) puts it: Ramy is like a ”rock Bob Dylan of the Middle East”.

Five years after the Arab Spring, Ramy once again takes the lead in an underground street intifada demanding social justice, gender equality and human rights. But this time armed with Telecasters on overdrive and a vision of a better future for all.
While the Middle East struggles with its future direction, the Ramy Essam of 2016 stands out as one of its most important voices. Just like rock n ́ roll has always been the voice of the young, rebel rocker Ramy takes aim at the younger generation to express its struggle for a progressive and modern society. Building on the lost, but nevertheless dead, hopes and dreams of 2011 ́s revolution, the album is an insurgency from the streets towards a better future.
As the live artist Ramy has always been, that ́s where it all comes together. A live show with Ramy Essam and his band is a high voltage political rally aimed to inspire, to encourage and to enlighten. With a band of Swedish and Egyptian musicians, the shows are supercharged, groovy and rocking molotov cocktails that will probably be as close to a real revolution as most people can come.

Genre: Political rock / Singer songwriter
Voice Of The Egyptian Revolution

Territory: Scandinavia, Europe, Middle-East, USA

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